Pan Pine Nuts

Our pine kernels are all of NATIONAL ORIGIN and superior quality, so they are a primary element in the success of traditional Italian gastronomic recipes.

It is hard to imagine the Italian and Mediterranean coasts without the Pinus pinea, or domestic pine. This tree (together with the maritime pine) represents our territory and our gastronomy. Mediterranean pine nuts, with their typical resinous and mellow taste, are the protagonists of many preparations and recipes. First and foremost is ‘pesto alla genovese’, whose specifications carefully list the ingredients and their origins: Genoese Basil PDO, ‘Parmigiano Reggiano’ or ‘Grana Padano’ PDO, Italian extra virgin olive oil and salt, garlic and ‘pine kernels obtained from Pinus Pinea that must be produced in the Mediterranean area’.

Mediterranean pine nuts are easily recognised by their uniform ivory white colour. The difference in taste is obvious: our pine kernels are reminiscent of the resinous scents of pine.